Bipolar Disorder Still Sucks

Recent Struggles

I’ve had a hard time lately and after talking with my therapist and a couple psychiatrists (including some of my advisors) I’ve learned a lot from my recent struggles even though they are not pretty.

Why am I Sharing This?

I think a lot of people who live in recovery from addiction or with a mental health difference feel like they have to hide everything that isn’t positive. A lot of times I feel like (and I’ve been told this) that I’m held to a higher standard and that if I do anything that people don’t like then they will say “see I told you, he hasn’t changed” and they will write me off. It does happen more than you would expect.


At the end of the day, I’m still me. Some things are different, some are not. I’m sober now, and I have found a new way of life, and I’m trying to be aware of my shortcomings, and seek self improvement all the time. I am blessed to have an amazing support system consisting of the recovery community, medication, friends, family and my faith. That doesn’t mean I’ll always be perfect. And that’s ok.



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Stephen Hays

Stephen Hays


Stephen Hays, Founder of What If Ventures a mental health focused venture capital fund and host of the Stigma Podcast.